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Dear Students,

Welcome to Les Roches Crans-Montana!

In order to access your Moodle account (schedule, courses, School information, official documents, procedures, etc.), please first agree to the following School Regulations Agreement. Regulations and updates are available on Moodle (Les Roches Info & News / Regulations & Documents).

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I agree to:

 1.     Comply with any terms and conditions that are set out in the acceptance offer, policies and procedures of the School;

2.     Take responsibility for reading and complying with the School regulations in their entirety. I understand that, if I am in doubt about the obligations contained in these and how they relate to me and my studies, it is my obligation to seek prompt advice from relevant School staff. I further understand that the School regulations are living documents and are updated regularly to:

a.     comply with a change of a professional, statutory or regulatory body;

b.     incorporate best practice from an academic perspective;

c.     improve the School’s services and better cater my learning experience;

d.     reflect changes in School processes;

The School will notify me as early as reasonably practicable of any major changes and will assist me as much as is reasonably possible to reduce the impact of modifications made;

3.     Take responsibility for my own learning, attend learning and academic/professional events specified by the School; submit all assessments by the specified deadlines; attend all School examinations;

4.     Pay the tuition and any other fees relating to my status as enrolled student (incl. any fines) by the deadlines stipulated;

5.     Adhere to the official check-in and check-out dates as published in the academic calendar. I am aware that any deviation from these are subject to prior written approval by a member of the management team;

6.     Comply with any fitness to study (academic fitness, practical fitness, fitness to reside) standards;

7.     Comply with any applicable immigration requirements: I have the legal obligation to comply with the requirements of the Swiss Cantonal and Federal Visa and Immigration authorities. International students must ensure that their immigration paperwork is up‑to-date and assist the School in meeting its obligations. As part of this, I understand that the School is required to report certain events or activities to the authorities, including extensions, withdrawals, non-engagement in a program. If I fail to meet these obligations, the School reserves the right to end my enrollment.

8.     I understand that regulations and policies are updated on a semester by semester basis. Moreover, as a student of LES ROCHES, I take the responsibility to comply with all the policies and regulations specified in the current documentation.